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Precious metals market nickel

Whether the price of gold reverses depends on the face of the US dollar. GPrecious metals market nickelold industry expert Jiang Shu analyzed that the current view that the gold price has reached the apex of the trend is based on two ideas: one is intuitively based on the rapid rise and repeated record highs of the gold price since December, and the gold price trend itself believes that the gold price has been out of control. Therefore, in the short term, the bubble bursts and the trend reverses; another view sees the impact of the dollar reversal caused by the possible rise of the Fed's interest rate hike after the US economy improves.

PIPTRADE stated in its report that gold maintains a high volatility. On Monday, it tested the 20-day moving average to find support. The level near this line is the most important short-term support for gold. It seeks buying opportunities in the 1765-1770 range. Initial resistance focuses on 1780. A break may hit the vicinity of 1790.

The bank's physical gold includes investment gold bars of various specifications, the dragon year zodiac series gold, foreign exchange bond miniature gold bars, and the Xinhai Revolution theme gold bars. A person from the Ministry of Finance of the Bank of China Provincial Branch said that some of these physical gold are suitable for investment, and some are suitable for collection and gifting. For citizens who purchase physical gold, there is always a suitable product. At Minsheng Bank, it also launched Chinese zodiac gold, gold ingots and some exquisite investment gold. CFP Allie of the retail marketing department of the bank’s Wuhan branch stated that although these physical golds have a certain degree of craftsmanship, they are still investment golds and are much cheaper than many crafted golds. Each gram is only added to the price quoted by the Gold Exchange on the day. Receive 10 yuan.

From a global perspective, the current supply and demand of crude oil is still in a tight balance, and the actual global production capacity is basically close to the upper limit of potential production capacity. In this situation of supply and demand, any risk events in the main crude oil producing areas may cause prices to rise sharply. Crude oil demand is closely related to US monetary policy, and monetary policy and crude oil prices are in an interdependent relationship. Monetary policy is loose and crude oil prices have risen, leading to higher inflation levels, which in turn leads to tightening demand for monetary policy. Therefore, the Fed's trade-off choice between output and inflation will have a greater impact on crude oil demand. It is expected that the Fed will choose a combination of a higher overall inflation level and a lower and stable core inflation level, that is, crude oil demand will remain at a relatively high level in the second half of the year.

Aohua Gold (01862.HK) CEO Jake Klein rushed to visit the domestic gold mine. In a few days, Aohua Gold will release quarterly reports in Hong Kong and Australia at the same time. Jack Colin was full of expectations for the gold industry. At the request of the CBN reporter, he expressed his views on the current gold trend and the development of the gold industry.

The same is true for underground gold speculation. The high rate of return and the extremely exciting pleasure behind it attract a group of gamblers who are keen on margin trading, and it also hides the huge attempt of illegal gold merchants to make a fortune. Therefore, after a group of gold spiders such as Luen Thai, Zhang Weixing, and Zhang Yong were pulled out, the underground gold speculation companies and their traps were still dePrecious metals market nickelnsely covered like spider webs.

The reason for the weak rise in the price of gold was that after the European debt crisis, there was a shortage of liquidity; in addition, after the failure of Man Financial, a futures company, the margin increased. Everyone sold gold into cash and was willing to hold US dollars instead of gold; The trend of the US dollar index is relatively good. Now the US dollar index has passed 80, from 73 to more than 80, which will also suppress the price of gold. Another point is that by the end of the year, funds have to cash out and institutions have to redeem, and the pressure will increase. Generally speaking, the previous rise has been high, the huge profits have been huge, there must be an adjustment, and the adjustment process is downward. The fund began to enter when it was $1,000, and it almost doubled to $1,900. The fund must go out, so the overall pressure on gold prices is relatively high. Qin Weihuan, a researcher at the Beijing Gold Economic Development Research Center, said in an interview with a reporter from the Economic Times.

From the end of August last year to the end of April this year, the international silver price jumped from US$19/ounce to US$49/ounce, an increase of 150%. Such a strong upward trend cannot continue forever. The market is worried that once there is an adjustment, profitable short-term silver investors are likely to flee madly, causing silver to stage a high-level diving trend. However, there are still many experts who are optimistic about silver.