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On the 16th local time, the member states of the euro zone and the InternationPortland precious metals and coinsal Monetary Fund (IMF) agreed to provide Cyprus with 10 billion euros (approximately 13 billion US dollars) in emergency relief. However, the price paid by Cyprus is not small. The country must impose a one-time tax of up to 9.9% on bank deposits.

The return of gold to Germany was not a whim. In the article "How much gold did the United States embezzle" on the front page of the newspaper on December 3, 2012, it was mentioned that the German Federal Court of Audit issued an internal report last year criticizing the government for never checking whether the gold is safe and sound, and calling for The gold was shipped back when the European debt crisis worsened.

3. European indicators remain weak. Statistics released by the Spanish Statistical Institute (INE) show that Spain’s GDP in the fourth quarter of 2011 dropped by 0.3% in the initial quarter, marking the first time the country’s economy has shrunk since the end of 2009. At the same time, the French government lowered the country's 2012 GDP growth forecast from the original 1.0% to 0.5%. At the same time, the country does not need to adopt more austere plans to meet deficit reduction targets.

Xinhuanet, Chicago, March 26 (Reporter Zhu Zhu) Due to the pessimistic remarks made by the chairman of the US Federal Reserve Board Bernanke on the economy, the market's expectations for a new round of quantitative easing plan heated up again, thus supporting international gold futures prices on the 26th It rebounded sharply and closed at a new high in the past two weeks.

On the 28th, the New York Mercantile Exchange (COMEX) February's main gold contract rose 1.6% or 22.7 US dollars to 1405.6 US dollars per ounce. The December contract rose 1.7%, or $22.80, to $1,405.20 an ounce. So far, the price of gold has risen from US$1,100 per ounce in early 2010 to more than US$1,400, and the annual increase has reached US$300 per ounce. From a fundamental point of view, the still turbulent international economic environment, the prevailing trend of currency over-issuance, and the increasingly severe inflation of the new economy have established gold's hard currency status and laid the foundation for the continued bull market of gold next year.

However, there are still many institutions and investment predators who are optimistic about the outlook for gold. Hedge fund predator John Paulson has been aggressivelPortland precious metals and coinsy longing gold since 2009. Until now, Paulson is still confident in gold. Paulson said that in the next three to five years, as the United States and the United Kingdom substantially increase their money supply, the price of gold may rise to as high as $4,000 per ounce. According to data, Paulson's funds hold $4.4 billion in SDPRETF.

But some event-driven hedge funds that are chasing gains are also cashing out. Zhang Gang said that in the field of hedge funds, the controversy over the gold bubble theory has always been one after another. When the COMEX gold price was at 1400-1500 US dollars per ounce, a large number of hedge funds emptied their gold positions due to Soros’s selling of gold and the theory that gold is the ultimate bubble, until the S&P downgraded the US sovereign debt rating and European sovereign debt in early August. As the crisis escalated, it turned to chase gold above $1,600 per ounce. But in the past three weeks, the COMEX gold futures contract in December fell from a record high of $1922.6/oz to a minimum of $1554.5/oz. Most hedge funds that have chased gold in the past two months can only cut meat.

The report about the death of Al Qaeda leader Osamabin Laden has undoubtedly become the focus of the market. The news once frustrated the commodity market and led to a sharp decline in commodity currencies, giving the U.S. dollar a temporary respite. The U.S. index once touched the 73.28 level. The intraday highs. However, most analysts still believe that shorting the US dollar for a period of time will still be the basic style of the market.