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The silver futures price for December delivery fell 1.067 US dollars that day to close at 31.884 US dollars an ounce, a decrease of 3.2%. The price of platinum futures for January delivery fell 12.7 US dollars an ounce to close at 1558.3 ​​US dollars, a decreasPrecious Metal Investment Funde of 0.8%.

However, some people will suggest that the trend in 2001-11 is also in line with the 1976-80 years, so that there will be no continued rise. From Figure 1, gold prices experienced a sharp retracement after 1980 and maintained a certain range of fluctuations for 20 years.

In the first trading day of this week, the price of New York gold futures fell to the lowest level in more than three weeks. On the same day, the price of gold futures for December delivery on the New York Mercantile Exchange (COMEX) fell by US$35.80 to close at US$1,778.90 per ounce, a decrease of 1.2%, setting the lowest closing price of the main futures contract since August 25. The highest fall was $43.70, reaching $1,771 per ounce. In subsequent electronic trading, gold futures prices continued to fall.

Deng Wenyi analyzed that the negative correlation between the gold price and the U.S. dollar index in April was as high as 85.34%, which was significantly higher than that in March. This fully shows that the mutual influence between the U.S. dollar index and the price of gold continued to strengthen in April. The decline in the U.S. dollar index is the price of gold in April. The most important factor in the rise.

Although the expectations at the time were volatile, it was beyond expectation to be so strong. Speaking of his own experience, Mr. Li described it as horrible, because he was not too proficient in the business, he risked his death at about $1,800, but when the price fell, he was worried about giving up and braking the car in time, 15 hands of gold In the end, it lost nearly 450,000 yuan. Mr. Li said that now that I think about it, I am scared. This is the worst failure in my investment experience. It seems that I have to practice for a long time.

The inversion of platinum and gold prices lasted for nearly two months. The length of time involved and the large price difference date back to 1992. Li Zhuofeng, vice president of Tanrich Gold, said that there was also a financial tsunami in 2008, but it only lasted a few days and the price difference was only a few dollars. In termsPrecious Metal Investment Fund of scarcity and mining costs, the price of platinum should be higher than that of gold.

With the booming market in the gold market this year, the enthusiasm of Chinese people to invest in gold is extremely high. At present, the main channels for ordinary domestic investors to invest in gold are: AU (T+D) of the gold exchange, paper gold of major commercial banks, and gold futures of the futures exchange. There are huge differences in the methods and standards of the three investment methods for charging fees!

CICC Gold (600489) recently issued an announcement stating that the company's major shareholder Gold Group plans to place seven gold mining companies including Henan Qinling Group into CICC Gold within this year. What is the status of the assets placed this time? What impact will it have on CICC Gold? What kind of asset integration might the gold group have for CICC Gold in the future? With all kinds of questions, the reporter interviewed Sun Zhaoxue, chairman of CICC Gold.

The international financial market is treacherous and changeable. The precious metals market, which was filled with a bullish atmosphere, suddenly turned around. Among them, silver plummeted at the beginning of the week, setting the biggest two-day decline since 1987. Yesterday, due to news of Soros selling gold and other news, the international precious metals market was in a slump.

The news of bin Laden's death raided the international financial markets, causing some inexperienced investors to suffer. On May 3, the first trading day after the domestic long holiday, Yuguang Gold Lead led the decline in precious metal stocks, plummeting 4.11% to close at 30.07 yuan. Shandong Gold and CICC Gold both fell more than 3%.

Although the current international gold price has fallen from a high of over $2,000 per ounce, and the fiery investment enthusiasm hasPrecious Metal Investment Fund cooled, it is under the combined influence of the gloomy outlook for the dollar, the market’s concerns about global economic recovery, and the large-scale monetary and fiscal stimulus policies of the United States. , The medium and long-term international gold price still has supporting factors, and its attractiveness to investors still exists. It is worth noting that international gold prices will continue to fluctuate.