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How to analyze the precious metals market

How to analyze the precious metals market

But globally, the confidence of gold short-term investors has begun to increase. This is a new situation we have seen. In fact, now that the operHow to analyze the precious metals marketation of gold tends to ease, I personally believe that the return of gold commodity attributes has actually gradually stepped out of the support for stabilizing gold at this time, and remain cautious about the big judgment that gold will still enter the correction again. The daytime short-term cautious negative outlook for gold.

Gold is a relatively special piece of asset allocation. Many people pay less attention to gold investment, but gold can indeed be considered as an asset allocation object. The market performance of gold in the context of the 2008 financial crisis further proves that it should play an important role in household asset allocation. I believe that the prospect of gold is the most certain piece of assets. In the long run, although the influencing factors of gold prices are the most complicated, they will not change our judgment on the macro bull market pattern of gold. In many cases, investors usually simply link gold to the trend of the U.S. dollar, thinking that when the U.S. dollar rises, the price of gold will fall, and when the dollar falls, the price of gold will rise. This usually seems to be the case, but in reality it is not always the case. The overall economic and financial environment sometimes has an impact on the price of gold over the dollar.

Last weekend was Father’s Day. My friend Xiao Mao bought a 20g gold bar to his father through online shopping channels. The price of gold bars purchased by Xiaomao is nearly 50 yuan/gram cheaper than in physical stores, and 20g of gold bars saves nearly 1,000 yuan. This makes Xiaomao proud of the Erlang’s plan. This weekend, he can use the 1,000 yuan to buy it for my mother. A skirt, lest her elderly say that I am partial.

Smith added that no matter what the outcome of the Fed's interest rate meeting is, it will greatly affect the entire market. It is expected that the Fed will not start to reduce the scale of bond purchases for the time being, but this may not make gold prices higher, but only prevent bond prices from falling further. .

After the spot gold price plummeted in September, it has fluctuated higher since October and began to gradually regain lost ground. The latest minutes of the Fed's monetary policy-making meeting from September 20 to 21 show that the US economy has downside risks, but inflation is not worrying. The Fed governors proposed to retain the possibility of adopting the QE3 policy to provide support for higher gold prices.

Since the Federal Reserve's interest ratHow to analyze the precious metals markete meeting announced on March 18 that it has not raised interest rates for the time being, the gold market has undergone a major reversal. Gold rose for a week in a row, and the COMEX gold price rose from US$1,150 per ounce, reaching a maximum of US$1219 per ounce on March 26. The U.S. dollar continued to fall, while the onshore spot price of the RMB against the U.S. dollar rose to a record high and stabilized.

On the same day, the price of silver futures for delivery in July fell 39.4 cents to close at $28.321 per ounce, a decrease of 1.37%. The price of platinum futures for delivery in July rose 2.2 US dollars an ounce to close at 1461.5 US dollars, an increase of 0.15%.

The fiscal cliff itself is negative for precious metals. In fact, the fiscal cliff is essentially an increase in taxes. The increase in taxes corresponds to the reduction of the US government's deficit, and it also corresponds to the process of relative tightening of the government's currency. And precious metals are the buoys of the global financial water level, especially the dollar water level, so the relatively tight currency cycle will correspond to the decline cycle of precious metals. Sun Yonggang said.