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When will the precious metals market close

When will the precious metals market close

Whether you want to hide some gold in your hands depends on your personal economic conditions. Q You Rose Life said that if you have money When will the precious metals market closein your hand, you can spend it at will, of course you can buy some gold and hide it at home. If you are an ordinary wage earner with average financial ability, you don't need to follow this trend. After all, the growth rate of gold is already large, and if you need money urgently, it is not easy to realize gold.

It broke through $1700/oz on August 8th! On August 11, it broke another $1,800/ounce in intraday trading! Although the international spot gold price has since corrected and hovered at around US$1,750, the market has been haze in recent days. The European debt crisis, the US debt crisis, the downgrade of the US credit rating, the situation in Libya, and the recent market launch of the third round of quantification for the US The expectation of loose monetary policy QE3 heats up, and gold has re-inserted flying wings. Starting from last Monday, the international spot gold price surged. Not only did it recover US$1,800/ounce last Thursday, it also rose by US$27/ounce last Friday to close at US$1,851/ounce.

With the development of the domestic economy, more and more Chinese people begin to attach importance to investment. So in the past few years, we can often hear our friends talk about our investment experience, and we find that there are more and more types of investment. From the initial Treasury bills to the current stock index futures and Tiantongjin, Chinese investment has been gradually internationalized along the way.

July and August are the traditional off-season for textile and apparel consumption. Considering that the new domestic production capacity of 2 million tons of PTA in Yisheng (Ningbo) will be put into production in June, Yisheng (Dalian) will have 700,000 tons of PTA capacity and 1.2 million tons of PTA in Sanfangxiang in July and August. Production will also be put into operation. It is expected that PTA in the third quarter will be dominated by shocks. In the fourth quarter, the market will rebound in stages due to the combined effect of cost and demand. However, considering the domestic 7 million tons of PTA production capacity in 2012, it is expected to rise It will be significantly lower than the high in the first half of the year, and it is quite difficult to return to more than 10,000 yuan.

Judging from the recent market sentiment, although there is a lot of fundamental information in the day and there is not a lack of important information, the possibility of major surprises is relatively small, especially in the US data. The U.S. economy has experienced a severe winter and has gradually resumed growth since March. Economic data so far show that the overall US economy has shown a mild recovery trend. From the recent economic data, the real estate data is relatively weak, while the consumer confidence index and employment sub-data are performing better. As important economic data shows no significant signs of improvement or weakness, the Fed maintains its previous monetary policy. The probability is very high. There is no press conference at this interest rate meeting, and there will be no surprises at the Fed interest rate meeting later in the night. The same situation may also apply to non-agricultural data on weekends. Unexpected data is unlikely to appear, so the impact on the market is limited.

At 17:33 Beijing time, international spot gold was reported at US$1504.90/ounce; 99 gold closed at 14,000 Hong Kong dollars/tael, up 252 Hong Kong dollars/tael from the previous day’s closing, with a maximum of 14,000 Hong Kong dollars/tael and a minWhen will the precious metals market closeimum of 13,840 Hong Kong dollars/tael; 9999 kg bar closed It was reported at 375.3 Hong Kong dollars/gram, up 4.8 Hong Kong dollars/gram from the previous trading day, the highest was 375.3 Hong Kong dollars/gram, and the lowest was 373.3 Hong Kong dollars/gram.

David Meger, director and vice president of the metal trading department of VisionFinancialMarkets, said that the price of gold continued to show a technical rebound after hitting the recent low, which was helped by bargain hunting and strong physical demand after the recent crash.

The recent economic data in Europe and the United States continues to be sluggish, and the economic outlook in the market outlook is worrying. Crude oil prices fell sharply after surging above US$100/barrel last week. The market is worried that this round of upward trend may be over, and the sharp emergence of profit-taking orders reappears market panic. International spot gold prices were affected by the downward trend. The emergence of stop-loss orders after breaking below $1750/oz and the closing of short-term investors’ profits have suppressed the rapid decline in gold prices and once fell to near the support level of $1710/oz. Last Friday, the New York market rebounded slightly to above $1,720 per ounce. It is expected that domestic spot gold will oscillate at 353 yuan per gram at the beginning of this week.