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Michigan Precious Metals Trading Station

Michigan Precious Metals Trading Station

We are developing new projects, independently innovating high-performance automation equipment, and have applied for related projects in Shenzhen. The person in charge of Shenzhen Baitai Jewelry told reporters that after the relevant eMichigan Precious Metals Trading Stationquipment is innovated and put into production, it will change the chain production process of one of the market's best-selling styles, which is an industry revolution.

On the same day, the price of silver futures for September delivery fell 56.2 cents to close at $26.882 per ounce, a drop of 2.05%. The platinum futures price for delivery in October fell 16.2 US dollars to close at 1429.7 US dollars per ounce, a decrease of 1.12%.

Ash also said: The election of Trump and the previous British referendum to leave the European Union are expected to usher in drastic changes in the political ecology of Europe. European customers who increase their holdings of precious metals are mostly concentrated in Central Europe, and their political stances are generally conservative, and they are likely to be Trump supporters.

Mr. Bai also introduced that in the gray camp of domestic underground speculation companies, there are some companies that are completely fraudulent. The funds in the customer's trading account are actually virtual. Just like we do simulated transactions, as much as the customer invests in funds, they enter the corresponding amount of funds into the customer's trading account on the backend of the trading system. As soon as client funds arrive in the company's designated bank account, they will immediately be transferred and embezzled for other purposes.

If the liquidity in the banking system shrinks due to Greeceā€™s sovereign debt default, the price of gold will fall in the short-term to adjust, but the downward trend will not last for a long time and will still return to a high level. Lu Jianqin believes that due to the needs of the presidential election, the US government may be eager to boost the economy by launching QE3, and the international gold price may therefore exceed US$1,800 per ounce in the short term, or even US$2,000.

Since 2012, the import of base metals has been in a state of substantial loss, but with the emergence of anti-arbitrage behaviors inside and outside the market and the revision of related trade practices, the import of base metals has begun to make a profit. The loss ofMichigan Precious Metals Trading Station copper imports fell from more than 3500 yuan/ton to a loss of only 200-300 yuan/ton in June, while the recent lead import profit was 400 yuan/ton, zinc import profit was 100 yuan/ton, and aluminum import profit was 340 yuan/ton. On the one hand, the improvement in import income will undoubtedly reduce the burden on the LME market; on the other hand, in the context of narrowing import losses, there will inevitably be expectations of a substantial increase in imports, which will help prices rebound in the next month. Due to the time lag in the impact of imported metals on the domestic market, domestic prices will passively follow the rise of LME prices in the form of spot discounts before imports can form a substantial impact on the domestic spot market, until it is difficult to follow the rise in the end. Fall back.

ETF Securities, Europe's largest commodity trading provider and the world's largest ETP management company, said in a report on Tuesday (September 2) that as most central banks around the world implement loose monetary policies and depreciate currencies, demand for gold and silver will return sooner or later.

The best way for an institution to be a buyer of call options to make money is to hold the gold price above $1,740. For the previous gold price, this price was quite high; with a buy order, when the option expires and settles, then it doesn't matter what the gold price is, so many orders are closed out. According to analysis by industry experts, the large volume of orders has led to programmatic follow-ups and other panic selling.