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Singapore Asia's global precious metals trading center

Singapore Asia's global precious metals trading center

The eosramtoken, the account number of the project side, proposed to launch a multi signature proposal, which is currently in progress. Slow fog security team reminded that do not continue to send funds to the project for mining. At the same time, due to the popularity of the defi project, investors should pay attention to the relevant risks when participating in the eosdefi project, choose the projects that Singapore Asia's global precious metals trading centerhave been audited by the security audit company as far as possible, and pay attention to whether the authority of the project side is multi signature. Due to the characteristics of EOS itself, the non multi signed EOS contract account has unsafe factors.

Coinbase is the first project to obtain venture capital from coinbase. It is also a part of the efforts of coinbase to promote blockchain innovation. Compound provides interest on encrypted assets placed on exchanges and wallets. The interest rate of each asset is adjusted dynamically according to the borrowing demand of the asset. Compound wants to attract hedge funds, experienced investors and borrowers. In fact, it's not surprising that compound has the support of coinbase, because its technology is in line with the idea that coinbase is revolutionizing traditional finance. Compoundcomp view more stable currency usdt lending services. Previously, compound launched the first community governance proposal voting on the theme of "whether to support the addition of usdt to the compound agreement" through the public testing governance system this week. The total number of votes for the proposal was 797981.28, while the negative vote for the proposal was 85580.73. It is worth noting that among the affirmative votes, polychain capital had the most votes, followed by Geoffrey Hayes, founder of compoundcto. According to a previous report, on April 17, compound announced that its community governance had formally taken over the administrator of the agreement. From now on, all system parameter changes or new assets should be initiated by the holder of its governance token comp.

Idleadleidle, an income aggregation platform, aims to communicate the best interest rate of different loan agreements in Ethereum money market. They link different lending agreements with the rebalancing process of, always providing the best available interest rate. The product enables investors to optimize profitability. By purchasing and holding idledai tokens, when the optimal interest rate changes, your basic Dai position will automatically rebalance, resulting in the maximum profit return. Idle updated the governance token allocation model from 2% to 4%, that is, 520000 tokens were allocated. In addition, these tokens will not be subject to linear release and lock-in restrictions. Specifically, the liquidity providers in idlev2, V3, and V4 have received a total of 500000 idle awards in proportion, while the liquidity providers of idlev1 have been allocated 20000 tokens.

Pool together sells for 20dai per ticket, and participants can participate through metamask or coinbase wallet. After purchasing tickets, all funds will enter into a smart contract that generates interest. After 15 days of locking, each participant will regain their Dai purchased, and one of them will receive the interest of all locked funds as bonus. Previously, the first round of pool together generated interest of 0.20dai. #DeFiwithChainNews#

There is an abnormal transaction in curve, a stable currency trading platform which uses the bonding curve to make market. According to Etherscan, the transaction used usdc worth $89000 for busd worth $465000, which happened 21 hours ago. And 17 hours ago, curve announced on official twitter that Cooperate to start a fund pool with Dai, usdc, usdt and busd , and indicates the use of Zap can also provide some on chain liquidity for busd, which has a value of US $1.5 million three hours after its launch. Some people in the defi industry speculate that this abnormal transaction may be related to zap smart contract, which is a smart contract that can be pre-set and automatically allocated into compound, fulcrum and tokenset. Update again: curve team has exposed all this abnormal transaction process in GitHub,

Kava is the first to use cosmoscosmos to solve the interoperability and scalability problems of blockchain and improve the transaction speed. To some extent, it becomes the Internet on the blockchain. Cosmos, known as "the Internet of blockchain", is also considered as the version 3.0 of blockchain. It aims to solve the problems of blockchain interoperability and scalability. Its communication protocol between blockchains can realize the interconnection of blockchains and support the asset transfer between different blockchains. Cosmos believes that the world can not be dominated by one blockchain. It must be a world in which multiple chains coexist and multiple currencies coexist. How to integrate Multi Singapore Asia's global precious metals trading centerChain and multi currency into an ecosystem is cosmos's ultimate ideal. It believes that money and chains should be separated. The core technology of cosmos, tenermint, enables token to be transferred across block chains. It is an early POS consensus engine based on Byzantine fault-tolerant protocol in blockchain field. So it emphasizes consistency rather than usability, and it doesn't allow for short-term forking. Cosmoscosmoscosmoscosmoscosmos see more projects built by the SDK, which will be integrated with reef's platform. Reef is the first cross chain difi operating system based on Polkadot. Reef has a seamless user interface, which provides users with an intelligent liquidity aggregator and yield engine. Through the personalized reef yield engine driven by artificial intelligence, it can not only provide intelligent lending, borrowing, stacking and mining, but also obtain the liquidity of CEX and DEX to realize transactions.

According to the block, last Sunday, chainlinkchainlinkchainlink is a network of Oracle machines, which solves interoperability problems for blockchain smart contracts,