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Shanghai Port launched the construction of "smart port" and "green dream of hiding port". In the third quarter, the container throughput of 10000 TEUs was completed. In July, the container throughput exceeded 3.9 million TEUs for the first time, setting a record high since the opening of the porPrecious metal refinert.

In their view, the recent trend is normal "Chonggao down", supporting the strength of A-share upward is still strong.

The supervision and handling of cases has formed a great momentum of deterring crimes.

He predicted that the Bank of Jiangsu may be placed with less than 1 times Pb.

Second, we should pay attention to the food materials. The catering units that make the hot pot bottom, drink and seasoning should publicize the food additives used, and consumers should pay attention to check whether the publicity information is complete.

Nintendo (,,%) on Thursday raised its forecast for sales of its switch console in the fiscal year ending March next year to 24 million from 19 million before, as the epidemic pushed consumers' spending Precious metal refineron home games.

Third, correct fund management: the futures market can be small losses many times, can also earn many times, but to a big loss, it is easy to die, and the best opportunity in the future is not due to the market.

Anyone who invests in futures long enough will buy contracts that lose value.