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International Precious Metal Brookland TX

International Precious Metal Brookland TX

Due to rising international gold prices, shopping malls adjusted the price of gold jewelry today. OnInternational Precious Metal Brookland TX July 19, a certain gold store in Beijing explained the reason for the rise in gold prices in an email sent to reporters. On the same day, several major gold stores including Caibai joined forces to raise prices. Pure gold jewelry was raised from 370 yuan/g to 385 yuan/g, and one thousand pure gold jewelry was raised from 375 yuan/g to 388 yuan/g, creating a new high in the gold price of jewelry in Beijing.

Barclays Capital pointed out this morning that the physical demand for gold ETFs on Thursday increased by 3.6 metric tons (3.96 short tons), and the total gold holdings of the 19 gold ETFs tracked by Barclays increased to 1826.9 metric tons (2013.81 short tons), a record A record high. After the United States released a less-than-expected consumer confidence index in April, the decline in gold prices in the late morning was slightly reduced.

According to the plan, the leaders of EU member states are scheduled to hold a regular summer summit next week, which is considered to be the deadline for the EU to introduce a new Greek rescue plan. However, the deadlock in the meeting on the 14th cast a shadow over the introduction of a new Greek rescue plan. Overseas media analysis believes that, in full view, whether the euro zone can avoid a sovereign debt default for the first time depends on whether German Chancellor Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy can resolve their differences during their meeting in Berlin on the 17th of this month.

The U.S. dollar is now being sought after by both long and short sides at the same time. The overall economic outlook is confusing. This year's gold price situation will be more complicated than last year. It is expected that there will be swing investment opportunities in the gold market, but there will be no unilateral rise. At the same time, due to economic uncertainty, there is little room for gold prices to fall. Wang Ruilei said.

On the same day, the silver futures price for delivery in May fell 20.6 cents to close at 31.524 US dollars per ounce, a decrease of 0.65%. The price of platinum futures for delivery in July rose by 10.6 US dollars per ounce to close at 1618.2 US dollars, an increase of 0.66%.

Since the end of January, international and domestic gold futures have fluctuated higher, driven by market risk aversion and inflationInternational Precious Metal Brookland TX concerns. The main April contract of New York gold hit a record high of $1444.5 on March 7, and the main Shanghai gold contract 1106 also rebounded again. Above 300 yuan. In the short term, it will take time for the political turmoil in the Middle East and North Africa to calm down, and inflationary concerns caused by the rise in the prices of crude oil and other commodities will continue. With this support, Shanghai gold will easily rise but never fall.

This year, our development has encountered a bottleneck. The company has many orders, but it is difficult to complete them. The person in charge of Shenzhen Tongxin Jewelry revealed that because manual operation has always been the mainstream in the jewelry industry, some handmade jewelry products such as tight chains are in short supply, and jewelry companies are all out of stock. We urgently need to promote transformation and upgrading and increase productivity through standardization.

ElliottWave's technical staff found that before a trend with the ultimate goal of $1,156 resumes, the price of gold may rise for a while (resistance levels are between $1,388 and $1,405). Silver may also make a similar upward movement before the situation that is considered to be'recording a long-term peak' occurs. The team believes that a break below the $25 support level may trigger a decline in silver prices towards $20.