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kitco precious metals news

The price of gold continued to fall sharply on Tuesday and Tuesday. The excessive drop in gold price on Tuesday was obviously related to the two-month earnings of Citibank, which had a worrisome outlook. That is, kitco precious metals newsthe price of gold on Tuesday fell below the rising trend line H1 in recent months as shown in the figure. Event, this does not rule out the possibility of the main force taking advantage of the trend to lure empty laundering. □Wilxin Investment Yang Yijun

But after midday, mainly due to the fall in the New York stock market, investor confidence was frustrated, and oil prices turned down. In addition, the European debt situation is still not optimistic. After the market closed on the 18th, Moody's Investors Service also unexpectedly announced the downgrade of Spain's sovereign debt rating, which cast a shadow on the outlook for European debt and exacerbated the decline in oil prices. (Source: Economic Information Daily)

The "Daily Economic News" reporter noted that the continuous purchase of central banks to increase reserves and the huge economic demand for gold are two important reasons for GFMS's short-term bullishness in gold. GFMS pointed out that in order to diversify foreign exchange reserves, global central banks bought 430 tons of gold last year, a four-fold increase over the same period and the highest value since 1964. According to data from the World Gold Council, the global government agencies currently have a total of 30788.9 tons of gold reserves. At the same time, it is expected that in the first half of this year, central banks will purchase about 190 tons of gold.

After the Spring Festival, the price of Tangshan gold jewelry has been rising. During the Spring Festival, the price of Tangshan Thousand Pure Gold basically hovered around 220 yuan per gram, and many brands also participated in sales promotions and gave certain discounts. The reporter learned that the gold price of Gold Jewelry Central, Hualian Gold Store and Bafang Gold Store is 258 yuan/g; Fengnan Commercial Building is 253 yuan/g; Fengrun Department Store is 252 yuan/g. In just over a month, the price of gold has risen by about 15%. Under the influence of people's psychology of buying up and not buying down, the intensity of gold consumption can be seen.

Bernanke said on the same day that the Federal Reserve will maintain interest rates unchanged in the range of 0 to 0.25%, and reiterated that it will maintain ultra-low interest rates for a longer period of time and maintain the scale and duration of the US$600 billion government bond procurement project as planned. No change, the second quantitative easing policy (QE2) will end as scheduled on June 30 this year.

However, the way of picking up tickets at home still makes many citizens feel inconvenient. The reporter learned from the Gold Jewelry Industry Association at the time of press yesterday that citizens can now directly go to the 7 gold shops in the Yuyuan area to participate in the event to receive coupons. Afterwards, the reporter called the Asian first-class gold store to get confirmation that citizens had come to pick it up in the afternoon, ankitco precious metals newsd there were no conditions attached to the coupon.

Judging from the market situation of silver (T+D), after the direct lower limit opened in the morning, the price of buying tickets will also increase. At 13:32, silver (T+D) rebounded to 10039 yuan, a decline of 4.9%, but then the price fell again, closing at 9845 yuan, down 6.79%. The trading volume dropped to 1375512 kg, and the open interest dropped to 2913076.

Since the outbreak of the financial crisis, European central banks have lost interest in selling gold. Natalie Dempster, director of government affairs at the World Gold Council, said that, overall, European central banks are currently buying large amounts of gold and reassessing their reserve asset policies.

After 1997, Hong Kong's economy continued to experience boom and bust cycles, which left most investors at a loss. Limited by past experience, the company's leadership was easily trapped in decision-making and could not adapt to such a short boom and bust cycle. The emergence of a large number of derivatives coupled with low interest rates represents Lessskininthegame.