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The requirements of the Patriot Act I and Act II

The requirements of the Patriot Act I and Act II

Investor interest in the stock market is rising, and the impact of monetary policy on gold isThe requirements of the Patriot Act I and Act II also weaker than last year. Global headhunting securities analysis report stated that although the Federal Reserve (FED) still maintains a loose monetary policy, the price of gold is expected to remain range-bound in the next few months. In our view, investor sentiment still exists. If there is a reasonable opportunity, investors will still sound the horn.

At present, it is gold that dominates the price trend of precious metals, and it is difficult for silver and platinum to have an independent market. Zhu Zhigang pointed out that after the recent consolidation, the probability of gold prices continuing to rise is far greater than falling. If the price of gold continues to rise, now is a good time to buy for silver and platinum. Compared with gold, precious metals such as silver and platinum have smaller plates and their prices are easier to manipulate. In addition, the industrial demand for silver and platinum is increasing. Once the opportunity comes, the price doubling is not a luxury. Investors are advised to buy silver and platinum in the medium and long term.

The UK hopes that the G20 will reach an agreement on improving the IMF's use of funds, including the liberalization of lease funds through the sale of gold reserves, International Development Minister Douglas Alexander said. Among these measures, we hope to have an impact on this is to provide more and better funds to the IMF and the World Bank, including the profit from the sale of IMF gold reserves, Alexander's 20-nation summit held in London today Speaking of it. South Africa and other countries have launched discussions on whether the gold market can be used in a more commercial way for phased and appropriate sales.

In the short term, with the implementation of QE3, the quantitative easing policy will intensify the market's inflation expectations, and gold will also usher in a period of sharp rise. The international gold price will enter the eighteenth century. Jinding Group President Li Hengdi said that in the long run, the international credit system will continue to be turbulent. International credit currencies represented by the euro and the US dollar will not escape the fate of devaluation. The opposite of the gold price must rise. The tide of asset reserve adjustment and strong investment demand will also continue to push up gold prices.

Yesterday (3rd), the European Central Bank decided to maintain the interest rate of 0.25% at the interest rate meeting, while maintaining the marginal interest rate of loans at 0.75% and the deposit interest rate of 0%. Affected by this news, the euro is under pressure, and non-US assets such as gold are also driven downward. As of the end of the U.S. market overnight, London Gold reported $1286.36, down $3.06, or 0.24%. The London Silver News reported $19.83, down $0.13, or 0.65%.

TaThe requirements of the Patriot Act I and Act IIrek Saab, partner of Texas Precious Metals, said: Not all Americans believe that Trump's election will bring disaster to the United States, so there is no large-scale panic in the market. Most of our customers support Trump.