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International Precious Metal Silsbee, TX

International Precious Metal Silsbee, TX

On thInternational Precious Metal Silsbee, TXe same day, the most active August delivery gold futures price on the gold futures market of the New York Mercantile Exchange closed at $1211.6 per ounce, a decrease of $18.2, or 1.48%, from the previous trading day. However, in subsequent electronic trading, the price of gold once dropped to $1196.1 per ounce, falling below the $1200 mark.

When the price fell, I thought that it might fall again. When I watched it rise, I hesitated to buy it. I went back and forth several times. I still have nothing to do. Mr. Wang said that the budget is to spend about 20,000 yuan to buy gold bracelets and necklaces for his daughter-in-law. Such a high price means that it is too small to handle. But judging from the current trend, it seems that there is no sign of falling.

In 2011, against the backdrop of the chaos of the global economy, gold prices staged a roller coaster market. The international spot gold price hit an all-time high of US$1920.80 per ounce on September 6, but continued to plummet under the pressure of panic subsiding and profit-taking funds. The retail price of domestic gold has always followed the changes in international gold prices. Since the beginning of this year, the Beijing Gold Store, headed by Caibai, has adjusted the retail price of gold jewellery 12 times, of which 9 times have raised the price; and the pawn shop has also raised the price of gold three times in one day. The price difference between various merchants is further reduced.

Ireland’s debt problem has once again become the focus of the market. The spokesperson of the Irish opposition Labour Party said on Thursday that it would oppose the European Union’s IMF’s Irish aid plan when the Parliament held a vote next Wednesday. This caused market concerns to rise sharply. At the same time, the international rating agency Fitch ) Announced the downgrade of Ireland’s sovereign rating.

As five major central banks, including the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank, announced that they would coordinate the injection of US dollars into the European financial system, reducing the demand for gold as a safe-haven asset, the international gold price fell below US$1,800 again on Thursday to around US$1772. In the short term, the pressure on gold to carry out a deeper correction will increase.

On January 15, Chairman Xu Luode, on behalf of the Exchange and Shi Anwei, CEO of the World Gold Council, formally signed the Memorandum of Understanding on the Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Plan between the two parties. The signing of the memorandum signifies that the two parties will further strengthen cooperation, provide global investors with more comprehensive and professional market services, and promote the common prosperity and development of the gold market and the global gold market. Deputy General Manager ShenInternational Precious Metal Silsbee, TX Gang, Zheng Lianghao, Managing Director of the Far East Region of the World Gold Council, and Wang Lixin, Managing Director of the District attended the signing ceremony.

From the previous draft of the silver futures standard contract released in the previous period, the trading unit of the contract is 15 kg/hand, the minimum trading margin of the contract is 7% of the contract value, and the maximum daily price fluctuation limit does not exceed the settlement price of the previous trading day ±5%. At present, futures companies will increase by 3-5 percentage points on the basis of the minimum margin stipulated by the exchange. If calculated at a margin of 12%, the threshold for ordinary investors to participate in silver futures is about 10,000 yuan.

Tony Walters, a senior analyst at DeutscheBoerse, said: The wider market seems to be more comfortable with interest rate hikes, or may be more comfortable with interest rate hikes, so precious metals will encounter difficulties in such an environment.